Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition

The Pine Rocklands needs your voice.

We have 60 days from March 23rd to comment and oppose the UM/Ram Richmond Pine Rocklands Conservation application.

Click on the below documents to read the open and read the full document.


Read the application to understand what needs UM/RAM is proposing.


The proposed “Habitat Conservation Plan” drafted to allow development in the largest Privately Owned Pine Rocklands in the country can be found by clicking the image below:


Then email, print, sign and mail the below letter opposing it.

Comments opposing the issuance of the Federal Permits should be sent to:


David Dell

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Atlanta Regional Office

1875 Century Blvd

Atlanta, GA 30345


Ashley Blackford

U-S Fish and Wildlife Service

South Florida Ecological Services

Vero Beach, FL 32960

Public comments submitted by MPRC Members and supporters.


MPRC Member & Agricultural Economist, Dr. Jeff Dorsey provided us with his letter explaining the Economic and Financial Damage to the Community RAMs proposal would cause. Follow included links for additional powerful insight.


Roger L. Hammer PH.D is an award-winning professional naturalist, author, botanist and photographer.


Member-at-Large - acting Treasurer William “Cully” Waggoner a meticulous researcher for MPRC has shared his letter discussing the Coral Reef Commons Habitat Conservation Plan.