Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition

We are not alone in our support to preserve the Pine Rocklands.  Please visit and share your support for our member organizations, partners organizations and champions for the forest.

Our open membership bridges several organizations including:

Organizations with whom we have partnered with:

South Florida Wildlands Association
A partner for the January Rally at the Rocklands event
The Center for Biological Diversity has set-up a supporting site to help spread the message.

We are thankful to have dedicated individual members and supporters to help spread our message,  far too many to list but below are ones we wish to spotlight.

Sandy Koi an Entomologist who is dedicated to butterfly conservation in South Florida operates two blogs and who's picture is the banner for our Facebook page and email communications.  This photo taken by her deep in the Redlands many years ago, so clearly defines what we are fighting for, preserving the last remaining parcels of the dwindling and globally imperiled Pine Rocklands Habitat.