Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition

Mission Statement: Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition, Inc.

The Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition, Inc. is a Florida-Registered Non-Profit Corporation established to Educate, Coordinate and Initiate for the Preservation and Restoration of the last remaining 2% of Americas’ Pine Rocklands found only in South Florida.

Education includes the Production of Free Informational Booklets for children detailing the plight of South Florida’s “Globally Endangered” Pine Rocklands, to introduce to readers some of the Rare and Endangered Animals that live in Pine Rocklands.

Thousands of these booklets have been produced in both English and Spanish and distributed free of charge to local public and private schools and colleges.

They have been produced to comply with Florida State Educational Standards and teaching curriculums based on them have been developed and distributed through the Miami-Dade County Science Teachers’ Association.   

Some of the animals featured in the booklet, like the “Miami Tiger Beetle”, were once thought extinct and are now only found in several Pine Rockland Habitats in South Miami-Dade County.

The MPRC also produces, free of charge, educational photographs of rare Pine Rocklands’ Habitats featuring Federal Listed Endangered Wildlife including the Bartrams’ Hairstreak Butterfly.

These images have been used in local media and websites showing the beauty and diversity of these unique eco-systems.  

The MPRC also provides Free Speakers who have visited several Public and Private Schools in South Florida to let local School Children know about the rare plants and animals found in South Florida’s Pine Rocklands and nowhere else.

The MPRC has also provided speakers and educational materials to a number of Local and National Environmental and Political events including the Everglades Coalition Conference, Young Republicans of Miami-Dade County, “I Love the Everglades Conference” sponsored by the Miccosukee tribe of South Florida, Miami-Dade College “Earth Ethics Institute”, Miami Dade County Commission and local Municipal “Earth  Day” events including the City of Pinecrest, Florida. 

Our Free Monthly meetings for members have included dozens of experts to discuss the rare and endangered Plants and Animals in South Florida’s’ Pine Rocklands and why they are being bulldozed and paved over to make way for more Urban development in South Florida at the same time more and more Plants and Animals of the Pine Rocklands, and their habitats  are being considered or formally proposed for listing under the U-S Endangered Species Act.

The MPRC has also provided speakers to provide testimony at recent U-S Dept. of Interior Hearings to place the “Miami Tiger Beetle” and it's local Pine Rocklands’ Home under the protection of the Endangered Species Act.

Our Educational Efforts include periodic meetings with local, state and federal officials to discuss the status of protecting and restoring the habitats of Pine Rockland Plants and Animals, as well as holding several Education Rallies around South Florida to highlight the need to save critical Pine Rockland habitats for future generations rather than destroy them.    

As a Coalition, the MPRC Coordinates Educational Campaigns focused specifically on Pine Rocklands’ Preservation and restoration with other Local, State and National Organizations, many of which are already 501c3 Organizations.

These “Partners” include the Tropical Audubon Society, Center for Biodiversity, Sierra Club/Miami Unit and South Florida Wildlands Association. 

In addition, the MPRC is also a member of the statewide Everglades Coalition. 

While other organizations may be involved in various Environmental Issues, to the best of our knowledge the MPRC is the only group focused solely on the Preservation and Restoration of the only remaining Pine Rocklands in the United States.   

As such, the MPRC also Initiates activities consistent with our Mission Statement. 

These activities have included planning and managing Educational Community Rallies supporting Pine Rocklands.

We have initiated speakers to address Local and Federal Regulators considering Pine Rockland related issues such as declaring Federally-Listed Endangered Habitats as a  “Blighted Slum” so they could be taken over and developed for commercial use.

The MPRC has also initiated several “Clean Up” Campaigns to organize and promote volunteers to spend several hours in local Pine Rocklands to restore imperiled habitats for the rare plants and animals found there. 

In one such program, several acres of Pine Rocklands which were intentionally burned by an arsonist needed to be cleaned up and restored. Our members volunteered in several events to work with local Miami Dade County Parks and Public Works Officials to remove several hundred pounds of garbage and trash which had been left there for years.

The MPRC has also initiated several meetings with Private Owners of some remaining Pine Rocklands, including the University of Miami. 

We organized several meetings to discuss why Pine Rockands need to be Preserved and Restored as Imperiled habitats and why a major area of the Richmond Pine Rocklands currently owed by the University of Miami is considered a “Lifeboat Habitat” which contains a number of federally-protected Plants and Animals. They could face extinction if Everglades National Park ever suffers from Salt Water Intrusion as a  possible effect of Global Warming and Sea Level Rise.

All of this work is done free of charge thru the help of unpaid volunteers and managed by unpaid volunteers Board Members of the Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition, Inc.