Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition

Email Congressman Curbelo and ask him to tell the Coast Guard NO for Miami Wilds.


Despite our efforts at the County Commissioners meeting in March which resulted in Mayor Gimenez and Commissioner Moss requesting Amendment 1 Funds to protect the Richmond Pine Rocklands. It would seem that the Miami Wilds project may still be moving ahead.  In a Miami Today article Theme park sets sights on Coast Guard land Miami Wilds and the county are looking for ways to relocate the Coast Guard from the land they want to develop.  

Luckily for us newly elected congressman Carlos Curbelo sits on the Subcommittee that oversees the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation.  So we need everyone to email Congressman Curbelo and tell him how important this issue is to his Constituents. That we don't want a theme park if it costs us our beautiful natural surroundings.  Tell him to advice the coast guard to reject any offer and to tell 20th Century Fox to find an alternative site for their theme park.  Click the button for a pre-written email you can send him. You can call, write or tweet to him as well -  (202) 225-2778  

Conrgessman Curbelo 

1429 Longworth HOB  

Washington, D.C. 20515   

Twitter : @RepCurbelo

UPDATE: Currently Representative Curbelo's emails are not being delivered, The email below is only being sent to his Chief of Staff and Staff aide for Coast Guard matters.  Please click here if you live in the Congressmans district to send the email directly to him via his website. Click the button below and copy paste the contents into the email form on his homepage.

Email the Florida State Senate Committee on Environmental Preservation and Conservation

Send a prepared statement to the Senate committee on Environmental Preservation and Conservation asking them to support allocating Amendment 1 funds towards the preservation of the Richmond Pine Rocklands.


Print your own post card to send to Rep Curbelo & other elected officials.


Print and send your own postcard. Printable on Avery labels postcards # 5889, 8386 or 8389.